What's with this sudden sense of urgency?
Didn't you get your fix with how fast time has flown by
as if you had wings yourself?
I resent my coming of age as an act of cruelty.
Romantics fizzle away as day by day comes to a close.
Just hand me a wheelchair already
So I can live my final days with a fake smile.
Our lives are one way fates decided from the first time
our mothers hold us.
Always to be cradled by some sort of ambiguity.
I would kill for a black and white life
but instead I've come out black and blue
and obliterated any truths that fall on my doorstep.
Is this what I was put on this earth for?


from Adaje​/​Lizards Have Personalities Split, released February 1, 2012




Carucage St Louis, Missouri

Independent record label based in St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

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