Adaje - Ladder for a Step

from Adaje​/​Lizards Have Personalities Split by Carucage



The mountains pierce the sky in a casual manner.
I squint for a glimpse of serenity,
But it hides behind the steadfast clouds.
They boast an image of divinity,
But they have leaked their brilliance unto me.
A warm breeze hits me from all directions
And suddenly I don't miss home anymore.
I can hear everyone calling out to me.
Everyone who I've known, know, and forgotten.
But please just let me stand here and let it all sink in.
I promise I'll come back to you.
It will a new pair of eyes to look into.
For this world leaves us scarred for the most part.
Sometimes the scars are what makes us shine.
Serenity has ripped out my conscience.
I am one with nothing.


from Adaje​/​Lizards Have Personalities Split, track released January 30, 2012




Carucage St Louis, Missouri

Independent record label based in St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

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