Please don’t walk away, I know I say the wrong things at the right times, but I want you to stay the night with me. It won't mean anything if you don’t want it to be, this goes without saying (I’ve tried).
It’s not what you want, but it’s what you’ve got.
Please babe, lay it down, let me be the one around. Was casting your stones the only way you could learn to cope?
I know I’m not what you were looking for, but it’s here or the door, oh darling, anyone, but you.
Don’t tell me it’s all right when you went out that night, don't let me not come home to an empty house. Let me be the one you come home to.


from Everything. Ever., released August 30, 2011




Carucage St Louis, Missouri

Independent record label based in St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

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