Lizards Have Personalities - Sanc Kingdom's Collapse

from Adaje​/​Lizards Have Personalities Split by Carucage



Our hands never did fit perfectly.
Geometry was never that kind to me.
So if our touching skin was never a memory
Why am I afraid to lose it?

Years past between the words we speak.
Our rhetoric; incoherent at best.
I've always wanted to stop time.
But not like this. Not like this.
The realization I made that winter night
Has become increasingly clear with age:
Reality is a fleeting mistress and I have become her victim.

Did the sun forget to rise or do I refuse to acknowledge it?

There are spiders crawling through my veins at night
Coaxing naive butterflies into infinite spanning webs.
I have become obsessed with the beauty of this death.


from Adaje​/​Lizards Have Personalities Split, released February 1, 2012




Carucage St Louis, Missouri

Independent record label based in St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

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